not home: los angeles

In the summer of 2015 I embarked on an ambitious road trip: An epic 40-hour, 2,700-mile journey from Miami to Los Angeles…in a Fiat. A brand new, 7-month-old Fiat that was already broken. And I mean bro-ken.

(Read more about that adventure here).

I obviously survived the road trip and made it west with everything and everyone intact. While I was there I set out on another journey, which was to find all things Cuban…or maybe it was to Cubify all things. Not sure.

Welcome to not home: Los Angeles.

The Huntington

San Marino, CA

Incredible gardens, opulent galleries, and a stunning library all in one place.

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Los Dodgers

Echo Park, Los Angeles

Spend enough time here and you too will become a fan.

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Roses on the Road

Pasadena, CA

Be prepared, it’s you and a gazillion other people either FaceTiming with their mothers.

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Santa Barbara #Blessed

Santa Barbara, CA

If you really want to be Cuban-meta in this beautiful city, climb up the tower of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse and whisper, que viva Chango.

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37th President

Yorba Linda, CA

I love a good villain, so when I found out that Nixon’s Presidential Library and Museum was an hour from LA in Yorba Linda, I gassed up the car and headed inland.

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Exiled in Echo

Echo Park, Los Angeles

In the middle of the city’s bustle, there’s an oval-shaped park with a huge lake in the middle, with a monument of José Martí. Pero why?

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41st President

Simi Valley, Ventura

I packed up a van with all of the Cubans I know and took the 101 to the 405 to the 118 to tour the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.

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Island Hop

Avalon, Santa Catalina Island

Although its only 22 miles off of the coast, I felt a thousand years away from traffic and parking woes.

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Hooray for Hollywood

Hollywood, Los Angeles

The homeless panhandle everyone, except the occasional camera crew, as they know to stay out of their shot.

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The House That Nat Built

Hollywood, Los Angeles

A thirteen-story, earthquake-resistant tower that was the world’s first circular office building.

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This Land is Your Land

Anaheim, Orange County

Have your Dole Whips while watching the show inside the Enchanted Tiki Room.

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A Cortadito on an Old Town Road

Temecula, Riverside Valley

Go directly to Old Town because it has the best cortadito outside of Los Angeles County.

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No More Kisses in L.A.

Southern California

Don’t bring your besuqueo to L.A., because it’s hug-town over here. 

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Speak and Spell

Southern California

You will never pronounce any street sign or city name right, so don’t even try.

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