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The eerily quiet grounds of Grey Towers National Historic Site in Milford, Pennsylvania.

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(Road)Tripping in the Age of Covid

Among the many observations and suggestions I could possibly offer, I think there is really only one question that is top-of-mind for everyone planning a drive in the age of Covid: Where to pee?

Driving Las Vegas

The only terrible thing about the Las Vegas experience is that it’s book-ended by a long and tedious day of air travel when you’re on the east coast. But if you’re already west and you have some time, I say drive.

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In Search of Vikings

If you’re a fan of Vikings (not the ones from Minnesota), then you’ll want to make the trek to Norway. Either way, you’ll enjoy the same weather.

Welcome to Atlanta

The rain subsided to not only reveal the peaks of tall buildings, but the lushness of my new city. Dogwood trees were full and bright; grass carpeted the ground, everything was green. The sun peered out at just the right angle to create a rainbow and I finally relaxed my shoulders.

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