City through Sport: Los Dodgers

As a tribute to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 2020 World Series run, I recall the moment I fell in love with the Blue Crew.

By birthright, I was told to pledge allegiance to the Cuban League team of Los Almendares, never the Habana baseball club. Later in my youth I was instructed to support our Cuban prince, José Canseco, and cheer on the Oakland A’s, even though we took great offense when he didn’t show up to his own street naming in Miami. Then, when Florida got a team it was all Marlins, all the time. It was the congeniality of Mr. Marlin Jeff Conine, the drama of Alex Fernandez’s torn rotator cuff, and the mantra of “I love Miami,” by Liván Hernández after the unlikely 1997 World Series win. They broke up the team and broke our collective hearts, but then in 2003, they brought back Conine and added Mike Lowell and a young pitcher named Josh Beckett and struck gold again, this time against the Yankees. I remember hitting pots and pans all night on 49th Street in Hialeah. And I remember the team and my heart being broken again. So, I gave up on baseball all together…until I moved to the City of Angels.

Los Angeles has very many illustrious teams — the Lakers, the Clippers, the Sparks, LAFC, the Galaxy, the Rams, the Chargers — but the Dodgers are an inevitable part of this city. If the Dodgers were a person, they’d get into every club, be a regular at every dive bar, sit at the chef’s table in every fine restaurant, know where to get the best chilaquiles, can order off of the menu in perfect Japanese, and can dance salsa. There’s something ubiquitous about the team and if you don’t believe me, spend a little time in this town. Before you know it, you’ll be donning a Dodgers baseball cap.

I was properly christened as a Dodgers fan on July 3, 2016 when the team hosted a Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium. I mean, talk about direct marketing. Since then, I’ve bled blue.

About Dodger Stadium

It’s the third oldest ballpark behind Fenway Park and Wrigley Field, but Dodger Stadium is completely updated with every modern amenity you could ever want. Sure, you can catch concerts and other events there, but there’s nothing like watching a baseball seemingly soar to the height of the San Gabriel mountains.

If you go: Dodger Stadium is located at 1000 Elysian Park Avenue.

Pro tip: Pineapple Dole Whips are served inside a pink or blue (your choice) Dodgers helmet in a stand behind center field. Also, the Dodger Dogs are really, really good and I abhor hot dogs.

Super pro tip: Don’t be una asquerosa and stick your patas in the cup holders.


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