Twists and Turns in Tenerife: Canary Islands Wine Tour

Good company, good wine, good welcome,

Can make good people.

(Henry VIII, 1.4.6-7)

I boarded a small van with a group of strangers. We exchanged pleasantries and discovered that we were all in Tenerife for different reasons, some for pleasure others for business and me for a little of both. But it was our shared love of wine that was the reason for our paths crossing on this impromptu tour.

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On Barcelona Time

Barcelona is in charge. No matter what is on your agenda, she seems to dictate what, where and when. Dinner will start and end whenever she tells you. The most direct path to where you want to go will always be subject to her whim. On certain days, you may end up spending more time at the market than La Sagrada Familia.

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