Let’s Get Hygge With It

We are all on a quest for happiness. We are in search of greater fulfillment in our relationships, in our careers and our daily life. Yet, the secret to achieving this level of contentment may lie in the simplest of words: Hygge.

Hygge (pronounced HOO-GA and does not rhyme with ‘jiggy’) is a Danish and Norwegian word, which is appropriate as the Scandinavians are considered the happiest people on Earth. For more on this, I recommend you read The Year of Living Danishly by author Helen Russell who spent a year experiencing the Scandinavian lifestyle firsthand.

Hygge is all about comfort, peace, and connection, as well as kinship, nature and simplicity. It’s about a return to the basics and focusing on what’s important with an emphasis on self-care. Although this is tradition was born as a response to Scandinavian winters, it’s a philosophy that can be embraced year-round, no matter where you call home.

Chair with cosy blanket, candlelight and coffee cup

For instance, instead of plopping yourself in front of your TV or scrolling endlessly through your phone, create your own self-care ritual that can help you unwind in a more mindful way, like lighting candles, stretching or making yourself herbal tea. Also consider taking the time to tend to your body, whether it’s giving your face a good cleanse or your hair a deep wash.

Whichever way you choose to hygge, just be sure to surround yourself with good people and an atmosphere that makes you happy. Hygge is less about material things and more about creating a positive experience and energy. Luckily you don’t have to move to Denmark or Norway to fully embrace the lifestyle. Incorporating these ideas into your daily life will do wonders for your well-being.

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