Hello Humpback: Whale-watching in Sitka, Alaska

Traveling to Alaska for many is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, yet I’ve been lucky enough to keep finding my way back. On my last adventure, I took a small boat out to Sitka Bay where I met the acquaintance of a very handsome humpback whale…unfortunately he had awful breath.

A humpback’s breath is nowhere near minty fresh. However, being so close to this magnificent creature is worth every nose-pinching moment.

If Sitka isn’t on your itinerary, you can also cruise along Resurrection Bay, within the Kenai Fjords National Park near Anchorage, and you will be sure to see humpbacks feeding in the sound. There are also the waters of Frederick Sound and Stephens Passage near Juneau. They are uniquely rich in plankton and fish making this world-renowned area a favored summer feeding ground for humpback whales and orcas. You will be amazed by the gracefulness of these ocean giants as they slowly arc their massive tail flukes into the air and often come close enough to hear – and smell – their breath.

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