Coronavirus: Travel Advisories and More

In January, I remember skimming over a news article that mentioned certain airports were screening for a new virus. Fast-forward to mid-March when coronavirus officially became the travel boogeyman and the U.S. State Department directed all citizens to avoid all international travel. Five months later, State has lifted the global Level 4 ban on certain countries. See if your next destination made it off the Level 4 list:

  • Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions. Only two countries, Macau and Taiwan, are currently at Level 1. Macau only experienced 46 cases of Covid-19 and all of them recovered.
  • Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution. Nine countries, among them New Zealand and Thailand, make up the Level 2 group. However, New Zealanders need not worry about Americans entering the country given only New Zealand citizens or residents with valid travel conditions can currently enter, and Thailand’s borders are still closed for all foreign nationals with few exceptions.
  • Level 3: Reconsider Travel. One hundred and forty-three (143) countries are in this category, including many EU nations. Among them are Germany, France and Italy, which have restrictions for U.S. citizens to enter their countries. However, Croatia, also listed as Level 3 country, is allowing Americans to enter the country as long as they provide evidence of a negative nasal swab test for COVID-19.
  • Level 4: Do Not Travel. Fifty-five countries remain on this list. Among the most surprising is The Bahamas. Last week the island nation announced that it would once again welcome U.S. citizens as long as they complete a two-week quarantine and provide a negative Covid test, yet the U.S. State Department continues to keep them at a Level 4. As of August 7, The Bahamas are reporting 761 cases and 14 deaths.

Visit the State Department website for more information.

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